Rayu Mezcal Joven

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The legend says that one day, in prehispanic times, a field in Oaxaca was hit by a thunderstorm and that a maguey was struck by a lightning bolt cooking it through to the core. They say it was the first time the maguey was cooked and that it was a gift from the gods. Since then, we have known mezcal as the elixir of the gods.

The name “Rayu”, it translates to “rayo” which means bolt of lightning in Zapoteco, the language of the Oaxacan culture. It’s a name filled with history and passion. It is the beginning of mezcal.

A clear crystalline mezcal with a pleasing smell of cooked agave and notes of spices, fruits, and light smokiness.

Upon tasting, detect soft yet complex flavors of fruits such as banana, mango, pineapple and a touch of caramel. A fresh presence of aromatic herbs and spices, rosemary, mint, peppers, and violets encloses the mezcal’s diverse flavors. The aftertaste offers earth tones, roots and a citric, fruity explosion that invites you to have the next sip.

A mezcal full of distinguished flavors that make it unique amongst its kind.

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