Bhakta 50, Armagnac Blend Brandy, 50 Year Old vintages 1868-1970)

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From Raj Peter Bhakta, founder of WhistlePig Whiskey and now Bhakta Spirits, comes the exclusive Bhakta 50 line. After scouring the world for the oldest & rarest spirits known to mankind, Raj has issued this limited release with a 153yr maximum age statement and an unheard-of value in the spirits world.

Bhakta 50 is a blend of 1800s Armagnac, issued in small batches of only 350 bottles per. Each batch blend contains eight different vintages, with 1868 as the oldest, and 1970 as the youngest. This ancient blend is then kissed by Islay casks to provide a subtle smoky intrigue for the whisky lover. This spirit is older than any whiskey on the market, and its value is only growing as its unique batch releases sell out one by one.

Bhakta 50 invites connoisseurs to taste the original French brandy tradition, born from pastoral artisanry and slow single distillation. Savor the history contained in the bottle and enjoy a modern twist on the most exquisite of legacies.

  • Awarded “Innovator of the Year,” as well as a Gold medal in the 2021 Brandy Consumer Choice Awards
  • Awarded highest honors in the Global Spirits Masters 2020
  • Bloomberg’s “Tastiest Spirits of 2020” (B. Japhe)
  • Esquire’s “Best Booze to Drink in 2021” (J. Flicker)
  • ForbesA superb brandy. It is extraordinarily old, yet still manages to retain a freshness and fruitiness that belies its age” (J. Micallef)
  • Robb Report: “Based on the blend we’ve tried, exquisite hits the mark” (T. Sachs)
  • Drinkhacker: “I’d snap this up immediately if I saw it on a shelf” (C. Null)
  • The Spirits Business: “I struggled to see how I would improve the product. It was sublime” (D.T. Smith)
  • Whiskey Consensus: “This one’s for the bourbon lovers, the Scotch savorers: BHAKTA is the new IT spirit” (M. Evans)
  • Distiller Magazine: “5/5” (V. Miller)
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